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In 2012, Boontavee Charoenpoonsiri (Boon) founded HAND BY BOON, her first eco-friendly line of handbags, totes, belts, hats, shoes and souvenirs using hand-woven cotton fabrics handmade in her cottage-style factory. Over the following years, Boon attended numerous domestic and international trade shows, expanded her production, increased her wholesale client base and opened shops selling her products. The cottage business grew into a successful business which allowed Boon to create and launch a new brand, TORBOON Chiang Mai in 2015.  The name TORBOON Chiang Mai cleverly comprises two words – “TOR”, a verb meaning to “weave” or “pass something on” in Thai language and BOON, the designer’s name.

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Bag making is Boon’s second career.  While working in Bangkok in product design agency, Boon grew tired of high street handbags and accessories. Behind the desk of her busy job she pictured herself designing and producing unique handbags, shoes and accessories. She abandoned her well-paid career and set off for Milan and Florence, Italy, where she learned the craft of bag design and making. After two years of studying both design and production, Boon returned to her native Thailand and moved to Thailand’s upcountry, Chiangmai province.

Although HAND BY BOON and TORBBON follow fashion trends, the main goal is to create long-lasting products that can withstand fashion changes and swings. The handwoven material is combined with genuine cow leather resulting in luxurious and yet affordable products which complement contemporary clothing and are easy to wear to work, on weekends or on special occasions. Twice a year Boon meticulously chooses leather colors for her 2 collections (spring/summer and fall/winter).

The company (By Boon Companion Ltd.) works on a fair-trade basis and in harmony with local customs and traditions.  In 2016, the company received “Green Label Certificate” from the Thailand’s Ministry of Natural Resources.