The brand’s identity is CRAFT-CULTURE-TEXTURE. The ancient CRAFT of weaving is used producing the fabric. By using traditional hand-weaving technique, the local CULTURE, deeply engraved in Chiangmai province, is preserved. Finally, TEXTURE of the material puts accent on the end product.   All bags and accessories are produced under “one roof” in a small factory in Doi Saked, Chiangmai surrounded by teak plantation trees where one can find the factory showroom of TORBOON Chiang Mai and HAND BY BOON.  At the factory showroom, visitors can try weaving skills on a wooden loom.   All weavers come from surrounding villages where they have developed their weaving skills over the period of many years. Wooden looms have been brought from senior villagers to revive the local spirit.   Each roll of fabric is finished with water repellent coat. This finishing touch helps with care for the material and ultimately the final product.   Boon works only with highly qualified and trained bag makers to ensure state-of-the art stitching and finishing. Such attention to detail results in luxurious products and approval of the most demanding customers.